Pictures: The Way We Were

john acomb

Name: John C. Acomb

Home: Beloit, WI

College: Ohio State University, BA Political Science.

Family: Married to Joanne 26 years (2nd marriage for both of us). Between us we have 6 children and 6 grandchildren.

Career: Highlights: V-P of the family advertising agency in Cincinnati in charge of Public Relations and political campaign advertising; Presidential appointee under two Presidents at the Environmental Protection Agency; V-P Corporate Communications, Wisconsin Power & Light Company (now a part of Alliant Energy); Public Affairs Manager for Exxon Minerals; General Manager of a Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge dealership; and owner of my own business, the Telecommunications Group, a broker of local and long distance telephone service. I sold this business in 2005.

Interests: Llifelong interest in politics. President of the Hamilton County Young Republican Club (1969). We built membership up to over 1,000. Over the years I have managed campaigns, advised Presidents and mentored others in the political arena. In 2007 I ran for public office for the very first time. I was elected to our local school board. Serving in this capacity is possibly the most satisfying thing that I have ever done career-wise.

john acomb

Name: Sam Bailey

Home: Farmington CT

Boarding School: St. Paul''s after 8th grade at CCDS

College: Trinity '62

Grad School: University of Connecticut Law School '69

Career: S. Bailey & Associates, LLC, Investment Advisors and was for a time the mayor of Farmington CT

Family: Married

Interests: Travel

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andy conroy

Name: Andrew Conroy

Home: Santa Fe NM

College: Washington and Lee '62, major in journalism

Career: Several, but mainly Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati. Read the bio for the path there and afterwards.

Family: Married with 3 children and 8 grandchildren

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andy now


Name: Thomas Redwood Deupree

Home: Suffield CT and Venice, Florida.

College: Princeton ‘62

Family: Nikki Griess. Daughter Karolen, son Taylor, 3 grandchildren

Career: (chequered): Freighter, bank, Gas&Electric, taught and head of 6-8, Maumee Valley Country Day School, landscape contractor, ran a garden center, built condos, (currently) antique dealer, urban beautification and cleaning service.

Interests: (besides work): Photography, canoeing, travel, reading, Nikki and family.

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ned 1958

Name: Edward Archer "Ned" Dougherty

Home: Albany NY and Biddeford Pool ME

College: Williams

Grad School: Harvard Divinity School, Ohio University and University of Michigan

Family: married to Barbey Nyce, 3 boys, 8 grandchildren

Career: Episcopal priest; University administration, Univ. of Michigan; Private school head, Miami FL and Albany NY

Interests: reading, golf, gardening, watercolor painting, travel, fly fishing and sailing

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Name: James N. "Jim" Johnson

Home: Tucson, AZ

College: Dartmouth

Grad School: University of Kentucky

Family: Wife Judy, one son, one daughter and six grandchildren

Career: Business

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fred then

Name: Frederick Richards MacLean

Home: Lighthouse Point, FL; also have home in Lafayette, GA, two weeks a month.

College: Johns Hopkins University

Grad Schools: Purdue Univ. (Marketing)
University of Miami Law School

Family: married to Sherry Beard; daughters-Michele ("Mikey") and Tracy, and
son-Fred, Jr.; 5 grandchildren.

Career: group insurance for banks and savings and loans; past 34 years
practicing law in the estates and trusts area; currently the senior partner (Sherry is the managing partner!) of MacLean and Ema, a small seven lawyer firm concentrating in tax, estate planning and real estate law.

Interests: Boating, horses, riding, Sherry, children and grandchildren (thanks Tom!)

fred now

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Name: George Meyer

Name: Millard Arthur Peck

Home: Virginia(?) and any place there's war (and soon to be Goshon, Ohio)

College: Kenyon College

Graduate Schools: University of Madrid, West Point

Career: Army until 1991, including combat in Vietnam and working at the Pentagon. Varied assignments since.

Click here to read Millard's story

and click here to read a true-life experience article he wrote for Soldier of Fortune magazine in 1994.

Name: George W. Rowe, Deceased (November 5, 2008)

Home: San Francisco, CA

George left CCDS to go to St. Paul's where he was the roommate of Sam Bailey.

College: Harvard, Class of 1962

Career: Banker with J. P. Morgan Company

Career: Joined J. P. Morgan in New York in October 1962, appointed Vice President in 1970 and Managing Director in 1981. Beginning in 1985, he managed the worldwide financial institutions group until moving to London in 1987 to head all Corporate Finance activities in the UK and Scandinavia. In 1990 he moved to California to head the management committee and to build the West Coast Private Client Business. Served as Chairman of Morgan Guaranty Int'l Bank with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Houston, 1983 -1987.

Interests: Held board positions with the Garden Conservancy, Episcopal Charities and Dominican University of California, trustee of the San Francisco Ballet, the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, the California Historical Society and the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens. Past President of the S.F. Bay Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Click here to read an obituary from the San Francisco Chronicle.

jack schmidlapp

Name: Jacob Godfrey "Jack" Schmidlapp III (Deceased, 6 March 1991)

Home: Cincinnati and Palm Beach, FL

College: University of Cincinnati

Graduate School: Chase Law School, 1970

Family: Married Judy Mapes. Two children, Jacob G. "Jay" Schmidlapp IV and Jessica Schmidlapp

Career: Banker. Senior V.P. of Central Trust in Cincinnati for ten years, Executive V.P. Palm Beach National Bank & Trust, Palm Beach, FL

Interests: Scuba diving, was certified in 1987. He also had a passion for marine life and its preservation. He was on the board of the Cincinnati Zoo, president of Planned Parenthood, and on the vestry of Church of the Redeemer, Hyde Park, Cincinnati.

jack schmidlapp 1991

Name: David Atwood Wentworth

Home: Okemos, MI (near Lansing)

College: Dartmouth (English)

Graduate Schools: Dartmouth (business administration); M. I. T. (political science); U. of California, Berkeley (political science)

African Development Phase: After college, 3 summers in Africa related programs: Operations Crossroads Africa (Gambia, West Africa); Peace Corps intern (Africa Region) in Washington, D.C.; grunt office job with A.I.D. project in Uganda (flying Air Congo was an experience in itself!.)

Family: Married to Dr. Judy Anderson (community nutrition, public health) since 1976. Bill Schmidt was our best man. Judy is still working. No children, but we've had six cats.

Career: Short term as Deputy Director of Fresno County (CA) war on poverty agency before grad school. Taught political science and criminal justice at U.C.,Berkeley; North Carolina State U.; and Kansas State U. Director, investor, and peon in family business. Have had a long, gradual, early, and fun retirement.

Interests: With my career ambitions for empire frustrated, a ton of activities channel my creative and competitive energies: model railroading (big time), photography, golf (my best scores ever), house remodeling, gardening, and political (Democratic and environmental) campaigns. Am political junkie who loves to get involved in local and national contests but remain a political centrist (home owners association president, Paul Tsongas was Dartmouth classmate).

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Name: Paul Weston

Home: Charlevoix, Michigan (for the last 8 yrs.) Also Terrace Park, (mostly in the fall, early winter)

College: Bowdoin College ‘62

Grad School: Western Reserve (Post-grad pre-med, '63-'65); Wharton (MBA program '67-69)

Family: Wife: Linda, RN, MSN (Western Reserve, Cincinnati); 3 children  and 6 grandchildren (boys, all!)

 Career: '65-67: U.S. Food & Drug Admin., Ass't to the Deputy Commissioner; '69-98: Gradison & Co. Investments; (merged with McDonald & Co. in '91), a variety of positions; retired as Exec.V.P. of  Gradison Division in '98 - responsible for Mutual Fund Management

Interests: Boating (all kinds), Travel (>40 countries and counting); Serving on community boards and committees.

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add1958 Name: Addison Woodward

Home: Palos Park, Il 25 miles south of Chicago, summer weekends in Holland MI

College: C.W. Post College

Graduate Schools: Connecticut College M.A. Psychology 1966, University of Toronto Ph.D. 1968 Experimental Psychology

Family: Wife Pamela, former spouse Marcy Thompson, Hillsdale 1960. Two children Susan and Addison, 7 grandchildren, last one born 8/17/08 Addison Elysabeth Woodward.

Career; Professor of Psychology and Division Chairperson of Psychology and Counseling, Governors State University 1979-2002, prior to that professor at GSU, and prior to that Albion College 1968-1972
Co-owner of three carwashes 1986-2002

Interests: Athletic stuff; running now jogging, senior league softball, working out;
Travel; mostly to Italy on a yearly basis. Political involvement, supporting local, state and national candidates who are progressive. Serve on the Illinois Higher Education Board.

Email: a-woodward @

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