Ned's Page

Many classmates will remember Barbey Nyce whom I started dating Dec. 24, 1956, and many will know that we were married my senior year at Williams College in 1961. That choice was the best one I have ever made, and we are still enjoying each other’s company after 47 years. After Williams we moved to Cambridge MA where I went to Harvard Divinity School and Barbey went to the School of Education. My first job was Assistant Rector at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Athens, Ohio were I did campus ministry at Ohio University, started a United Campus Ministry and ran a draft counseling center and coffee house.
We moved to Ann Arbor Michigan in 1969 where I got a PhD in Higher Education Administration, and a job as Assistant to the Dean of the big undergraduate college (LS&A)and then to the Academic Vice President, working for Frank Rhodes who later became President of Cornell. I stayed at Michigan and continued to work for 3 or 4 Vice Presidents, the last of which was Harold Shapiro who became President of Princeton. By that time I was on the Board of a local private school and got interested in private school administration.
An opportunity came along to start an Episcopal High School in Miami FL, and much to Barbey’s dismay, I took the job. As it turned out we loved Miami but in retrospect find it a better place to visit than to live. I started Trinity Episcopal School in 1983 with 39 7th and 8th graders, adding a class each year. Eventually I merged the school with another private school to become Palmer Trinity School, which now has over 600 kids and is thriving. Much of what I did in starting a school was modeled on Country Day, with small classes, dedicated faculty and lots of sports. Then came Hurricane Andrew!

Andrew came at the beginning of the second year of the merger and caused about $3.5 million worth of damage to the school. While everyone rallied around to rebuild the school, Board members got more and more ornery and began suing each other and not renewing my contract so I got out of town.

We ended up in Albany NY where I ran another private school that was the result of a merger between an Episcopal and a Roman Catholic School. I was able to straighten out their finances and get them to focus on an academic mission that has stood them in good stead to this day. I did some consulting after that but phased that out when Barbey retired so we could enjoy traveling, a house in Maine, and 8 grandchildren. There is hardly a day that goes by (especially in mid-winter) that I don’t ask myself why we still live in Albany. We do have good friends there and both of us are on a couple of boards, but a warmer climate looks more and more appealing.

ned's gangThose 8 grandkids came from 3 sons, Mark, Christopher and Jesse. Mark is an Anesthesiologist in Boston, Chris is a Financial Planner in Portland ME, and Jesse is Head of the Upper School at Friends Select in Philadelphia. We have had all 16 of us together in Biddeford Pool, Maine, where we have a wonderful vacation home. We are here all summer and for several days each month during the winter. Like my father (and grandmother) I started doing watercolor painting when I was about 50 and get immense satisfaction from that and even sell a few paintings each year. Barbey and I love to travel together and have been to China and Turkey for extended trips and plan to be in Greece this fall. We are both avid readers, I play a lot of golf and Barbey tennis. We are walkers, gardeners and gourmet cooks, and looking forward to many more years together with family and friends.