After graduating from Johns Hopkins, I went to work with Minnesota Mutual Life in their group department. Sherry and I were married in February of 1964 and the company moved us to Milwaukee where we lived for 5½ years. Mikey [Michele], age 41, and Fred, Jr. age 39, were born while we were there. In 1969 we moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I became manager of the Florida office. We bought a home in Lighthouse Point, just north of Fort Lauderdale, and we still live in Lighthouse Point. It is a wonderful small town with sidewalks, tree-lined streets and terrific parks and programs for the kids and adults alike. Tracy, age 38, was born 5 months after our move to Florida.

Shortly after we made the move to Florida I made the decision I did not want to continue with my job indefinitely. My work required a lot of travel and significant nights away from home. Too much time away from the family.

With an unbelievably great effort by the entire family, I went to law school at the University of Miami, graduating in 1974. My last year of law school I clerked for the former Lieutenant Governor of Florida. Upon passing the Bar, Sherry and I opened our own office. For two years Sherry was my secretary, copy clerk, abstract reader, and coffee maker, in addition to being a soccer mom and the driving spirit for our entire family. As we added employees and law clerks, Sherry went to law school and somehow managed all of her other duties and obtained her JD. You can see why I love Sarah Palin – I’m married to her twin.

Our children all live in Lighthouse Point, literally within 2 minutes of each other and us (see photo below). Mikey is married to Adrian and they are both attorneys and have a flourishing probate litigation practice in Fort Lauderdale. They have two children, Lillian, age 14, and Henry, age 13.

Fred, Jr. is married to Laura, who is also an attorney [some form of genetic defect has seeped into our family genes]. Fred, who is a CFA, did his MBA in finance. Fred owns an asset management firm and Laura is its in-house counsel. They have two children: Fred III, age 13, and Madeline Rose, age 12.

Tracy is married to Ian. Both Tracy and Ian are with Fred’s firm. Tracy was a math teacher, but her brother and husband lured her over to their firm. They have one child, Katie, age 8.

We will probably never retire. Our practice has caused us to be substantially involved with a number of our clients, who have become friends as well as clients; however, we work only two weeks per month. The other two weeks are spent at a small farm we have in NW Georgia, 10 miles south of Chattanooga, TN. We drive back and forth each month with our 5 dogs in an RV (see picture).

We both love to ride and we have great quarter horses that like to hit the trails. Our property is bordered by a national forest and we are surrounded by mountains – it is beautiful and a real change of pace each month. We love having friends visit. That means you.