The way we were...

Above: undated newspaper picture submitted by Sam Bailey From the Cincinnati Enquirer, 14 Sept 1963
Right: Who are these guys????
CCDS 7th-8th grade football team, 1954. (Thanks to David Wentworth for finding it and John Acomb for knowing who everybody is!! Impressive!)

Back row: Gary Miller, Jay Mickham, Harry Lehman, Ned Dougherty, John Acomb, Skip Lothmann, David Wentworth, Bill White, Harry Pape
Third row: Rusty Reeves, DeGray Vanderbilt, Terry Allen, Bobby Taft, Jay Stevenson, Henry Luhrmann, Peter Strauss, Jack Ramsdell
Second row: George Rau, Rick Arms, Jim Giannestras, Will Heathcote, Rick Lazarus, Tony Hoffman, Robbie Swigert, Millard Peck
Front row: Asst. coach William Gooch, Paul Weston, Dudley Taft, Don Fender, Freddy MacLean, Pete Heyd, Tom Deupree, Coach Hamilton Brush

Ann "Boots" Thompson and John Acomb

Betsy Hastie and Tom Deupree

Pictures taken at a party on September 4, 1957, at Babs Kruse's.

Here's another challenge! This is a BOA picture from about 1957 (since Pete Miller is in it and was a year ahead of you all). This is the best Tom can do:

Front row, l. to r., Will Heathcote, ?, Rick Arms, ?, ?, ? (immediately behind Millard and obscured), Millard Peck, ? (directly in front), ?, ?

Back: ?, Rick Wagner, Rusty Reeves, Andy Conroy, Jim Giannestras, ?(totally obscured in back), George Rau, ? (in hat), Pete Miller (in far back), Gren Gooder, (behind Fred), Fred McLean, Tom Deupree, ? (way back), ?, ?, Jim Johnson, Pete and Tony Strauss, ?

And here are a few elementary school pictures, although in grades 1 to 3, only Tom and Paul were there. But they're fun!

FIRST GRADE: Teacher: Miss Cameron. Back row, top to bottom: Brian Dixon, George Lazarus, Sam Bailey, Ronnie Sakler, Jerry Brohand, Jack Henkle. Front row, top to bottom: PAUL WESTON, Robin McCash, Harry Leyman, Peter Klein, TOM DEUPREE, Bill Prosser

SECOND GRADE: Back row, l. to r.: George Row, Harry Leyman, Sam Bailey, Bill Prosser, PAUL WESTON, Max Minor, Brian Dixon, Bill Minor, Robin McCash. Front row, l. to r., Jack Henkle, TOM DEUPREE, Jack Schmidlapp, George Lazarus, Robbie Swigert, Ronnie Sakler, Bill Hyland
THIRD GRADE. Front row, l. to r., George Rowe, Alan Wilcox, Bill Gale, Ronnie Sakler, Jack Schmidlapp, Jack Henkle. 2nd row, l. to r., Francis Gray, Robbie Swigert, Teddy Mayer, Billy Prosser, TOM DEUPREE, PAUL WESTON. Back row, l. to r., Peter Klein, Sam Bailey, Max Minor, Bill Minor, George Lazarus.