Paul Weston's Page

The short, simple version: I went to Bowdoin, got married, went to graduate school (Wharton), returned to Cincinnati, had three children along the way, spent nearly 30 years at the Gradison investment firm, retired, moved to our summer home in Michigan where we are enjoying life in a small resort town with visits each summer by our 3 sons and their families.

This is longer version:

I graduated from Bowdoin with a major in Psychology. I had no idea what direction I was headed, but I had decided that Psychology was definitely not it.

I had a couple of more false starts: A semester of graduate school in history at UC in 1962. (History was never as good as it was with Mr. Pat.) - An interim job working as a medical lab tech assistant at Cincinnati General Hospital in 1963, and two years at Western Reserve University in Cleveland (1963-65) doing post graduate pre-med, but I did not go on to medical school. Perhaps the best part of Western Reserve was that it was coed (after so many years at men’s schools) -and I met my wife, Linda, who was in a five year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

In 1965, I took a job with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in Washington and was promoted to the position of Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner - a really great job with really lousy pay. I worked on everything from the Deputy Commissioner’s speeches to the Commissioner’s Congressional testimony and acted as liaison with members of Congress and their staffs. I had a high level clearance and was called on several occasions to be in the White House garden to provide a crowd when foreign dignitaries were being introduced - during the Johnson administration. During this time Linda and I were married in early 1966, and our first child was born in D.C. After an interim move to the Los Angeles District Office as the Administrative Officer (we lived in Malibu before Malibu was “hot”), we moved to Philadelphia where the FDA sponsored me in the MBA program at The Wharton School.

While at Wharton I became belatedly interested in investments and through the recruitment process accepted a position as a drug industry investment analyst with a Boston investment firm at more than twice what I would be paid by the FDA – a consideration since our second son, Dan, had been born in 1969 in Philadelphia. As Linda and I started preparing for our move to the Boston area, I learned that the company was one of many investment firms caught up in the financial industry problems of that period. Fortunately, I decided to decline the position since the firm was quickly merged out of existence.

At the suggestion of my brother, Alan (CD ‘55), who was an investment advisor in Los Angeles, I called my oldest brother, Don (CD ’53), who was trying to resurrect the old, stale, W.D. Gradison & Co. brokerage firm in Cincinnati. A few weeks later, I was on my way back to Cincinnati as an investment research analyst for Gradison. Nearly 30 years later I retired from the Gradison Division of McDonald & Co. Investments (with whom we had “merged” in 1991) as Executive Vice President responsible for the management of our six in-house mutual funds. During my years at Gradison, I engaged in corporate finance activities (investment banking), and established our mutual fund capability which initially began with one of the earliest money market mutual funds in 1974. This eventually led to a group of 6 funds that were the center piece of our firm’s success. While all of this was going on, Linda had managed to add a Masters of Science in Nursing (UC) to her BSN, worked as a staff nurse, taught nursing at both UC and Xavier, and was a “patient educator” for a family practice residency program in Cincinnati, all this while raising our three sons and somehow making our household run smoothly.

Above, Linda Weston.

Right, Paul and three of their six grandsons

Our three married sons all attended Country Day: Greg, 42, is a now a deputy district attorney in Nevada City, California; Dan, 39, is an elementary school teacher in Stockbridge, Mass.; and Eric, 36, is a CAD Systems coordinator for Toyota North America headquarters in northern Kentucky, and lives near Mariemont. We have 6 grandchildren – all boys.

In 2000, Linda & I decided to build a year ‘round home on the site of my parents’ summer cottage in Charlevoix. As we anticipated, it as been the magnet that helps bring our family back each summer. We have, however, retained our house in Terrace Park and get back there several times a year. Linda and I have become deeply immersed in the Charlevoix community where I am on several boards and committees and Linda is always up to her eyeballs in one civic project or another. As an active volunteer for the American Red Cross, Linda has deployed to several disasters over the years, including, recently, hurricane Katrina and the southern California wild fires. We are busier than we have ever been, and when we are not doing these things or gathering the clan for summers in Charlevoix, we travel extensively (more than 40 countries and counting).